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e8by - Ebon Cour-Fornwalt 5 months ago

Not true! I had an issue with a tree topper Star last year! After speaking with a customer representative, they sent me a new topper and instructed me to keep the slightly damaged topper too! πŸ˜―β­οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

overwraughtwren - Jennifer Lassiter 5 months ago

These trees may look pretty but they are expensive and do not last. More than anything, the customer service is horrible. For the price, one would expect 5-star service for simple fixes like replacement bulbs. Buy your tree elsewhere not here!

leslassla - Leslassla 5 months ago

DO NOT BUY HERE! The most expensive trees with the worst after sale service. After 3 years the simply stopped stocking replacement bulbs or matching strands for my $1,500 tree. I am left with strings of unmatched lights! They lie to you, do not follow up and simply do not care! One of my worst β€˜investments’ ever.